Tuesday, May 8, 2012

TONATIERRA: In Imiuh Tenamaxtle

United Nations
 Permanent Forum for Indigenous Peoples 2012
In Imiuh Tenamaxtle
Presented by: TONATIERRA May 7, 2012
March 23, 2012
The Indigenous Peoples Forum called for Collective Corrective Actions to be taken at all levels, from the local community to regional territory, from continental to global in order to address the violations of Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples which have been perpetrated and continue to damage the Spirit of Humanity under the guise of the “Doctrine of Discovery” and the underlying “Framework of Domination”. 

To quote the conference documents:

“We call for this process to continue and prevail in the Spirit of Truth over the distortions of doctrine, not for merely for the purpose of redress of past violations but to actually engage in collective corrective action in order to move forward with Self Determination towards our common destiny as Humanity and in maturity as Children of the Nations and Pueblos of Mother Earth.”
Dear Mr. Chairman and Members of the Permanent Forum:

The process which is referenced in this statement is the same process which brings us here together today.  In moving towards recognition, respect, and protection of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples from local to global scale as they are articulated in the UNDRIP, the initial challenge is to confront the sets of cognition, such as the Doctrine of Discovery, that have perpetuated the deformation of the consciousness of humanity as a whole and justified colonialism against Indigenous Peoples and Mother Earth.

In furtherance of this objective of collective corrective action and in light of the Mandate of the Indigenous Peoples as guardians of Mother Earth, we now:

Affirm the request from the Global Indigenous Peoples Caucus for a deep exploration of the manner in which the doctrine of Christian discovery has been constructed, elaborated, applied, and extended in law, policy, socio-cultural practices, through both secular and religious practices, and to set the stage for its eradication and reversal as a fundamental element of colonialism and imperialism, with full and equal participation by Indigenous Peoples;

Submit that the process and content of the Indigenous Peoples Forum on the Doctrine of Discovery of March 23, 2012 held at the Arizona State Capitol be integrated into the processes and discussion on this theme, as an example of best practices that reflect implementation strategies of the UNDRIP as systemic standard;

Recommend that in furtherance of the objectives of the UNPFII study on the Doctrine of Discovery, special attention and support be given to the impact of the Doctrine of Discovery on international trade agreements among the states such as NAFTA;

Advise that in addressing the issues involved in the UNPFII study on the Doctrine of Discovery, that the expertise of the Indigenous Peoples themselves be brought forward appropriately and effectively in regional conferences across Abya Yala [the Americas] and the world such as those which have already occurred in Arizona, and

Reiterate that this process to must continue and prevail in the Spirit of Truth over the distortions of doctrine, not for merely for the purpose of redress of past violations but to actually engage in collective corrective actions under the guiding standards of the UNDRIP, affirming in all processes and context without exception the fundamental principle that Indigenous Peoples are equal to all other Peoples.
In Imiuh Tenamaxtle
 We demand that the Preliminary Study on the Doctrine of Discovery, submitted to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues be integrated into the Social Studies Curriculum standards immediately for implementation across the spectrum of services delivered by the Arizona Department of Education at all levels across the state with no exceptions. 

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