Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mother Earth and the Shards of Mica

Good greetings relatives.  In agreement with the position that: 
“The Alta outcome document ( is the only existing global consensus document regarding the HLPM that has been developed by IPs, to date.”

And taking into consideration that the issue of the UN HLPM was addressed at the V Continental Summit of Abya Yala (November 2014, Colombia), where the delegations were informed that the NAIPC was holding to the position of making determination regarding further engagement in the procedures of the UN HLPM at the next regional meeting in Kamloops, and that the following two points were part of the final declaration of the V Summit:

  • 7. In 2014 the United Nations will host the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples in New York where the States will present their reports and will analyze the application of the "UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples".  The V Summit states that those attending should be legitimate representatives of territorial organizations of representation of our Nations and Pueblos, so we call on the organizers of the UN to accredit unrestrictedly, so that the proposals elaborated before, during and after the V Summit can be presented.

  • 8. We demand of the UN system an urgent Universal Declaration of the Rights of Pachamama (Mother Earth) on the occasion of the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples in 2014. 

Further taking into account that at the Fourth Continental Summit held in 2009 in Puno, Peru the following statement was made in the final declaration of that gathering of Indigenous Nations:
  • We shall constitute a Coordinating Body of the Indigenous Peoples and Nationalities of the Abya Yala, in order to continue the process of conformation from the bottom up, creating organizing committees of Indigenous women, adolescents, children, youth and communicators, with particular focus on the regional integration of Abya Yala North [North America]. This Coordinating Body of Abya Yala shall monitor the Organization of American States (OAS) and the United Nations, in order to overcome their domination by imperial powers, and to realize the formation of the United Nations of Abya Yala and the World.

And recalling that at the First Round Table of the World Parliament of Indigenous Peoples held in 2011 at Booshakthi Kendra Dalit Ashram in Tumkur, India, the following Statement was given:

  • In anticipation and preparation for the United Nations World Conference on Indigenous Peoples in 2014, we invite indigenous parliaments, governments, and other indigenous political entities to join the efforts in recognizing our full and just participation in the global political arena.

And emphasizing the particular demand made by the Global Indigenous Youth Caucus at the 2013 UNPFIP in regards to the UN HLPM:

  • 2. We also recommend that a systemic analysis of the history and causes of the colonization, domination and subordination of indigenous peoples and our territories, be undertaken, and that additional studies be commissioned by the United Nations on issues related to the use and impact of the racist Doctrine of Discovery that has allowed States to steal indigenous territories and resources. We insist that the Doctrine of Christian Discovery and Domination be repudiated as a matter of law and policy in the HLPM Outcomes Document.


The UN HLPM never was a UN conference.  These are not proceedings, these are regressions. The decision to formulate the procedures of the UN HLPM with the title of “Conference” within the protocols of the UN system was never given for consideration in any manner, except by inference of participation in the meetings leading up to and in to the event by Indigenous Peoples.  This act by the UN system on its own is a violation of the provisions of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples that affirm the inherent rights of Indigenous Peoples to participate fully in decision-making that affects us, in order to guide and frame our work for ANY high level plenary meeting of the General Assembly, or any other branch of the UN system for that matter.

Therefore, the title of the UN HLPM should be corrected, and unless this is done there should serious consideration to call for global boycott of the event by Indigenous Peoples.
While the objective of achieving an authentic “world conference” within the UN system still remains as an option for the future, it will not happen this year.  Therefore, the UN should CANCEL the discriminatory and systemically prejudicial attitude and policy of naming this year’s event UN HLPM as a “World Conference on Indigenous Peoples.”  This should be a demand.

In closing, in consideration of the above we resubmit our intervention from the floor given at Alta, with the purpose of consolidating the critical consciousness that emerges from our sacred responsibilities which we share as Nations of the Indigenous Peoples of Mother Earth, in aspiration and commitment to the realization of a World Assembly of Indigenous Peoples, based upon recognition, respect, and the defense of the Territorial Integrity of Mother Earth.


Alta Norway

By Tupac Enrique Acosta, Yaotachcauh

Tlahtokan Nahuacalli

Calpolli Nahuacalco, Izkaloteka

May 11, 2014

Mr. Chairman,

Good greetings to the assembled delegations of Indigenous Peoples of Mother Earth, and all members of the global assembly gathered here today in the ancient land of the Sami.

We would like to propose two recommendations for action by the United Nations system for the delivery in the process of development of the final outcome document of the High Level Plenary Meeting of the UN General Assembly 2014.

1) We call for the restitution of the primary source materials and testimony that was lent to the United Nations system as fundamental to the evidence in document form of the systemic (system to system) nature of the legal relationships between the Nations of Indigenous Peoples and the member states of the UN system for the purpose of the Treaty Study conducted by Dr. Miguel Alfonso Martinez of Cuba.

Such delivery, should be initial act of good faith in terms of the continuing process of systemic documentation among the Nations of Indigenous Peoples and the UN system prior to and as a necessary act of condition to allow for the full and effective participation of the Indigenous Peoples in the High Level Plenary Meeting on an equal basis and without systemic discrimination in the process of producing the Final Outcome Document of the High Level Plenary Meeting of the General Assembly 2014 (to be known as the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples).

2) In addressing the underlying collective purpose of this gathering here in Alta, and the mandate of our ancestors and instructions from the future generations that makes our presence here as Indigenous Peoples in Alta possible, we also call for clarification now that as the primary purpose of the United Nations is fundamentally driven by the call for World Peace among All Peoples and the member states of the UN system, and in acknowledgment that peace on Earth will be impossible if we are not at Peace with Mother Earth, in homeostasis with the Land and Seas, with the Ice and Snow, with the Winds and Father Sun, it is critical that as we engage with each other collectively and in the spirit of Equality and Justice, that we reintroduce the principle of the Territorial Integrity of Mother Earth as fundamental and inherent responsibility in terms of International Law of all our relations and relationships now engaged together, without systemic prejudice in terms of precept, concept, and documentation systems on the long journey of Humanity that has brought us to ancient land of Áltá, Sápmi [Norway].

United Nations Economic and Social Council
Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities