Monday, May 14, 2012

NAIPC Statement on the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples

Eleventh Session, May 7-18, 2012, New York City

Agenda Item 7: Half-day discussion on the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples.

Statement of the North American Indigenous Peoples’ Caucus on the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples

Thank you Mr. Chairman,

I am making this intervention on behalf of the North American Indigenous Peoples’ Caucus.  My brother, Chief Randy Kapashesit, a traditional chief of the Mocreebec Council of the Cree Nation, was selected to represent our region in the global Indigenous coordinating committee.  My brother passed away suddenly and I am here to deliver this statement in his honor.

At our regional preparatory meeting held March 10-11, 2012, our delegates discussed the UN General Assembly resolution on the 2014 UN World Conference on Indigenous Peoples and report from the brainstorming meeting of Indigenous individuals held in January 2012 in Copenhagen hosted by the Saami Parliament.

Delegates discussed a high level of concern related to structure of the World Conference as a high level plenary rather than that of other world conferences and summits that allow for full-scale preparatory meetings and greater levels of participation by Indigenous Peoples.

Delegates also expressed concern about the remoteness of the next proposed global Indigenous preparatory meeting to be held in Alta, Norway in June 2013, preferring a location that is more accessible to all Indigenous Peoples.  Our delegates agreed that alternative strategies to address the rights of Indigenous Peoples also need to be pursued.

The NAIPC selected our principal North American Representatives to the Indigenous global coordinating group on the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples.  Further, the NAIPC withholds endorsement of any individual as a co-facilitator to the WCIP at this time.

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