Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Recommendation on International Study on the Doctrine of Discovery

Grand Chief Ed John,
President of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

Dear Ed,

Not once but many times during past sessions of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues we have heard that it is within the power of language, as medium of exchange of Human Consciousness, to allow that the dreams and memories of Humanity be empowered into realities woven into the legends of Truth.  Under our tradition as Nican Tlacah, we invoke this power of our language Nahuatl here and now: The Turquoise Smoke.

Under the pall of Doctrine, however, there is no process to engage the continuing development of Human Consciousness and Responsibility to the Natural World.  Doctrine is not dialogue. Doctrine is the pathogen to intellectual dialogue that produces social psychosis.  The Doctrine of Discovery is prime example, for as a set of illogical cognitive parameters, it prescribes not a thought process but a REGRESS of thought in violation of observation, corroboration, and the universal values of humanity expressed best in the phrase: "All peoples have the right of Self Determination". 

The Legend of Truth and the Doctrines of Power

The call to revision and relate the relationship of human society planetary within the principles of Tocualnemilztli (living in harmony and homeostasis with the natural world) is the eventual outcome of the struggle for Self Determination for all Peoples and Nations of Mother Earth.  This applies to the government state systems of the UN and their constituencies as well.  Under the stipulations of membership within the charter of this Assembly of All Peoples: There is no "they".  It is a reality to be realized in accord with the principle of global INTERDEPENDENCE

How this eventual outcome may be realized, in which combination of either catastrophic or intentional scenarios shall we emerge into the New World of Ancient Roots, is the question that the drives the urgency of our actions and call to the Permanent Forum at the present moment. 

In terms of the Final Recommendations of the 11th Session of the Permanent Forum, we call again to the Permanent Forum to live up to the Dual Mandate of this body and adopt the recommendation submitted and endorsed here once again by members of Indigenous Peoples Caucus statements and interventions related to the ongoing International Study on the Impact of the Doctrine of Discovery:


That an international study be made by the UNPFII on the ongoing effects of the international construct known as the “Doctrine of Discovery” upon Indigenous Peoples and the Future Generations in terms of the impact on the health, ecology, physical, psychological, social well-being, human rights and collective rights, resources, medicines, lands and titles to such lands and territories, to be submitted to the UNPFII in 2014 as an addendum to the UN International Decade of Indigenous Peoples, with recommendations addressing the discoveries and findings of this study.

That, for once and for all, the UNPFII acknowledge and adopt the purpose and official title of this forum as the United Nations Permanent Forum for Indigenous Peoples.


Tupac Enrique Acosta, Yaotachcauh
Tlahtokan Nahuacalli