Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Defenders of the Black Hills: Message from the Heart


Defenders of the Black Hills: Message from the Heart

March 22, 2015
An interview with Charmaine White Face - Defenders of the Black Hills at the Black Hills Learning Center meeting of the North American Indigenous Peoples Caucus [Rapid City, South Dakota]

At the Summit of Teotihuacan, the obsidian stone point of the arrowhead appeared in our hands, the direction of flight for the Arrow of Destiny was given by the Elders, and with the strength of our Youth the Bow of Nations was drawn.  The battle for Hope was won, but along the way we came to realize the extent of the challenges ahead, both internal and external to our families, communities, Nations, Pueblos, and indigenous organizations.  This is good. We must know where we are at in order to get to where we must be.  We must be honest within ourselves and with each other, to better construct a collective strategy for communication and organization that will strengthen the process of REGENERATION of our Indigenous Peoples, and in the process prepare the way for the regeneration of humanity and TONANTZIN, our Sacred Mother Earth, as well.

Star Turtle's Island
"In fulfillment of our shared mandate of responsibilities to the Future Generations and taking DIRECT ACTION to realize the DECOLONIZATION of MOTHER EARTH,
We declare our INTERDEPENDENCE and Solidarity as Peoples of Mother Earth and call for the recognition, respect, and protection for the particular and integral constituencies of our Peoples of Mother Earth as represented in our responsibilities to the Watersheds, the Earth:Waters and Single Sea (hydrosphere) of the planet, beyond the disjointed and corrupt constraints of the Westphalian System of State Sovereignty represented in the UN system and the present international architectures of personality and procedures of negotiation and agreements..."

United Nations Economic and Social Council
Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities
Although Dr. Miguel Alfonso Martinez completed a UN Treaty Study in 1999, the Treaties themselves (such as the 1868 Fort Laramie Treaty) are still not acknowledged or recognized within the UN system as integral to the body of International Law that sets the parameters of all international relations among  the states and
Nations of Indigenous Peoples.

Just as in '73, unless this situation is corrected, there will be no substantive change

in the policies of discrimination,  colonization, and genocide which characterize the  criminal history of the states in relation to the Human Rights, Self Determination and  Nationhood of the Original Nations of the Great Turtle Island Abya Yala.

Tupak Huehuecoyotl
March 21, 2015