Saturday, May 24, 2014

Statement by President of UN General Assembly: "NO CONSENSUS" on UNHLPM 2014

on the road map to realization of the High Level Plenary Meeting in September before the closing session of the 2014 United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues:
on moving forward from the member states.

The Writing is on the Wall

To denominate the UN-HLPM 2014 a World Conference on Indigenous Peoples in the context of UN proceedings is in error.  It would be the equivalent of taking the millennial history that we as Nations of Indigenous Peoples of Mother Earth share collectively in our ancestral memory, with all of its diversity, self determination, dimensionality and spirituality, and subscribe and subjugate that memory to the narrative of the states and their masters.  It would a flat world Madam Chair, and although the writing is on the wall, the world is not flat.




The HLPM 2014 and the Territorial Integrity of Mother Earth