Wednesday, June 11, 2014

UNHLPM Informal Consultations June 3, 2014: Statement by Russian Federation

United Nations
High Level Plenary Meeting September 2014
Informal Consultations
June 3, 2014 
UN Headquarters NY
United Nations Video of the Informal Consultations conducted by Mr. John Ashe, President of the General Assembly on the Outcome Document of the General Assembly High Level Plenary Meeting of September 2014 on June 3, 2014 at UN Headquarters NY.

“We regret the fact that the timetable for the forthcoming conference on a number of aspects not only goes beyond the parameters set by the modalities resolution but ignores the positions of a number of states including the Russian Federation which many times called for the need to maintain the international nature of the General Assembly and the events under the under the GA. Unfortunately our concerns are yet to be addressed. At the same time the delegation of the Russian Federation continues to believe in the need to unswerving abide by what was set down by the rights and rules regulating the rules of such negotiations. We hope that these concerns will be taken in account during forthcoming work on the draft outcome document.”

TRANSLATION: When the Tartars of Crimea show up at the UN, and present before the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues regarding the ramifications of the violations of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as articulated in the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (2007), violations which could be interpreted as deliberate acts of Genocide, acts which equally implicate the Ukraine as a state sovereignty, there is NO WAY the Russian Federation will allow for Indigenous Peoples to be recognized as PEOPLES EQUAL to ALL OTHER PEOPLES in international procedures of the UN (a global system of state sovereignty established in 1648 under the Treaty of Wesphalia) when such recognition would not only call into question the territorial integrity of the Crimean peninsula, but the violations of Human Rights and Territorial Rights of Indigenous Peoples across the entire land base of the Russian Federation as a whole.

The ZERO DRAFT is just that: NOTHING of the drafting process is to the benefit of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

When the door closes, and the Final Outcome Document of this draft under UN International Procedures go into SILENCE MODE, the Rights of Indigenous Peoples will be an issue for the states to redefine on their own terms and the Nations of Indigenous Peoples themselves will be left outside facing the cold reality of having to contend with a strategy of collusion and co-optation by the UN states to subvert the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and prevent the International Human Rights referenced in the UNDRIP from ever becoming formalized in a UN CONVENTION.

"The HLPM is a semiotic schema (doctrine) being constructed to contextualize the process of INDIGENOUS CONSENT inside the Westphalian System of the Divine Right of States in order to subvert and domesticate the Universal Human Right in International Law of Indigenous Peoples, equal to all other peoples of the world."

We deny consent.


The HLPM 2014 and the Territorial Integrity of Mother Earth