Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Offering of Cemanahuac

The Four Gourds of Mother Earth
World Water One

Valle de AburrĂ¡
November 16, 2011
Carrying the message of the guardians of the spirit of the waterways of our continent Abya Yala [the Americas] we present ourselves as Pueblos and Nations of the Indigenous Peoples once more in this 7th Dialogue on Water in Medellin, Colombia.  We accompany the Sacred Staffs of our millennial ancestral traditions and as voice of our Indigenous Peoples we arrive in Medellin in fulfillment of the mission to regenerate the Memory, Awareness, and the Will of the Nican Tlacah Cemanahuac, the Indigenous Peoples of all continents of our sacred Mother Earth.  In the tradition and vision of our science and spirituality, the water is not a “the”.  Water represents the female dimensions of our world, Cemanahuac. Water is sacred.  Water is life, it is the word of the spirit of the Creator on Earth.

Offered to the gourds of Mother Earth, through the waterways of the watersheds and subterranean aquifers, then to journey back to Grandmother Ocean, the offerings of the Four Gourds and turn and return again to create the cognition and recognition of our shared responsibilities as Human Beings.  Memorialized and projected in the vision of our own eyes which are also gourds of water and light, the Sacred Water (Teoatzin) is the ESSENTIAL MEDIA of communication for the Spirit of Life itself at the planetary level.

The weaving is now nearly complete.  The loom of prophecy and history, memory and dream, instructs the teachings of the codes of Land-Water : Wind-Fire in clear message to future generations.  It is already seen. It is evident.  Father Sun inscribes, the Sacred Water communicates, Tonantzin, Our Sacred Mother Earth remembers for all the world and, eternity.

And now the stars are lend an ear, stretching slightly closer in order to better hear what their great grandchildren of the Human Family, those of Abya Yala Cemanahuac, will say.  In the moment of silence it is heard, it is felt. The seal of the Sacred Fire appears and from the coasts of all continents, the waters of the Grandmother Sea initiate the healing of the entire planet.

We propose:
To intend to collectively weave a space within the processes of the World Water Forum in Marseilles, France in the spring of 2012 wherein the Nican Tlacah Cemanahuac, the Nations and Pueblos of the Indigenous Peoples from all continents of Mother Earth lend their presence and message in coherence with a complementary cultural criteria of self determination so that shall be heard the voice of resonance of the Sacred Spirit of the Waters of Cemanahuac, whorls of Wind and Water.

Embassy of Indigenous Peoples
Yaotachcauh, Tupac Enrique Acosta