Saturday, June 15, 2013

NAIPC Comments on Action Plan beyond ALTA

North American Indigenous Peoples Caucus Comments on an Action Plan beyond Alta 2013, June 12, 2013

The NAIPC Delegation is here to:

·      Advance the rights of Indigenous Peoples as Peoples and Nations with rights equal to all other Peoples.

·      That we have and confirm the inalienable right to and of self-determination as recognized in various international instruments, including Article 3 of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, as well as our rights to our lands, territories, resources, treaties, languages and cultures.

We reiterate that the Alta “outcome document” will be reviewed by NAIPC to explore and assess the possible benefits and negative impacts, and to determine future involvement including at the HLP/WCIP.

With regard to an action plan, the NAIPC reserves all rights to decision-making with regard to future work in relation to the HLP/WCIP.

The NAIPC does not empower any body to speak for, represent, or negotiate any positions on our behalf.

The NAIPC, regardless of the content of the Alta Outcome Document, is committed to sharing a historical context and update that includes the outcomes of this conference with our regions and improve upon our communications to our peoples and nations affected.

Bear in mind that that these comments are made without the benefit of review of the final outcome document.  Once we have a chance to review the Draft Alta Document, we will provide our comments at that time.

Our primary message is that we call upon our brothers and sisters to uphold and respect the right of broad participation and decision-making in relation to the HLP/WCIP.