Sunday, May 29, 2011

Statement by Alvaro Pop, Independent Expert (English translation)

Agenda Item 9: Draft Agenda for the 11th Session
Second Intervention
Independent Expert

Madam President, Sirs and Madams, distinguished representatives,

Congratulations for the work done, the dialog displayed and intentions demonstrated by the fulfillment of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in this tenth session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

For the next meeting of experts, we have a special theme for the year - "the doctrine of discovery" - and we shall provide a focus that allows us to see the past, its impact, but mostly an analysis of the national constructs reflected in the present social and political pacts which are reflected in the national constitutions.

In this sense, our historical reflection will be especially relevant in terms of knowledge and discussion of the evolution of the national constitutions of our time.

National societies have shown their deep need for social and political pacts to realize the articulation of society, the recognition of history and especially the ability to vision goals of the near and distant future, in short: to create community. The idea of ​​the future agenda is to evaluate what progress has been realized related to this issue. It is to answer the question: What has been recognition of the rights of indigenous peoples in national constitutions? How have these constitutions been reformed to the benefit of these rights?

Madam President, Sirs and Madams, distinguished representatives,

It is very personally satisfying to recognize that the agenda of the next meeting will have challenges in the analysis of constitutional developments in the world; but addressing this process with the intention of improving the capacities of citizenship of indigenous peoples in constructing democracy and for improved human relations.

Thank you very much!

26/05/2011. 10:55.

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