Thursday, January 24, 2013

Letter of Solidarity to Idle No More and Chief Spence

Sisters and Brothers of the First Nations of Abya Yala and the World: the attainment and exercise of our rights, and upholding all our collective existence has been, and is, to the present time product of our own struggles, the suffering of our peoples, under the blood and sacrifice of thousands of lives of our people. This history is not over, the force of  our resistance persists and we continue to fight to establish a culture of life in the world, until we restore ethical and moral relations between human beings, our communities and with our Mother Nature.

This is the cause that deternines the struggles of our peoples, as our sisters and brothers in Canada, the Indigenous Movement IDLE NO MORE, and that has been given impulse by the Chief Theresa Spence, a struggle that is expressed with a hunger strike near the Capitol Hill in Ottawa, befginning on December 11, 2012. We extend our forces and energies to those struggles that bind us to this cause as have done the sisters and brothers from TONATIERRA in Phoenix Arizona, who are in permanent mobilization.
It's time to show the world our strength in Continental Unity and global siolidarity so that our proposals for life and regeneration become reality. The XXI century is exposed as the time of the most heinous and violent colonial presence and industrial model of exploitation in degeneration against all existence and life.

In this context, our struggles continue, in the South, Central and North Abya Yala, as we navigate through moments of genuine dispute of thought, and cognition:  the war between two paradigms: the predator model of the Western Intellect and the indigenous model of Abya Yala community life.
Our solidarity with these struggles is our legacy, struggles of our Indigenous Peoples which are not only legitimate but just.  May the energies and spirits of our ancestors guide us always.
Community: ICCI-Rimanakuy Ecuador


Hermanas y Hermanos de las Naciones Originarias de Abya Yala y del Mundo: la consecución y el ejercicio de nuestros derechos, y la defensa de todas las existencias ha sido, y es, hasta los momentos actuales producto de nuestras propias luchas, sobre el sufrimiento de nuestros pueblos, bajo la sangre y sacrificio de miles de vidas humanas de nuestra gente.  Esta historia aún no termina, la fuerza de la resistencia aún persiste y lucharemos hasta instaurar la cultura de la vida en el mundo, hasta cuando restauremos las relaciones éticas y morales entre los seres humanos, y la comunidad  con nuestra Madre Naturaleza.

Son estas causas las que animan las luchas de nuestros Pueblos, como las hermanas y hermanos en Canadá, el Movimiento Indígena IDLE NO MORE, y que ha sido impulsada por la Jefa Theresa Spence, lucha que se expresa con una huelga de hambre, cerca del Capitolio en Otawa, desde el 11 de Diciembre del 2012. Extendemos nuestras fuerzas y energías a otras luchas que se unen a esta causa como  las hermanas y hermanos de TONATIERRA en Phoenix Arizona, que se encuentran en movilización permanente.
Es el momento de demostrar al mundo nuestra férrea unidad Continental y mundial, para que nuestras propuestas de la reconstrucción de la vida sea una realidad. El siglo XXI se expresa como el momento más atroz y violento de la presencia colonial y la recomposición del modelo de explotación en contra de toda la existencia y la vida.

Bajo este contexto, nuestras luchas continúan, en el Sur, Centro y Norte de Abya Yala, pues atravesamos momentos de una verdadera disputa de pensamiento, la guerra de dos paradigmas: el modelo depredador de Occidente y el modelo de vida comunitaria de Abya Yala.
Nuestra solidaridad con todas estas luchas, las luchas de nuestras Pueblos que son, no solo justas sino legítimas que la historia nos ha legado. Que las energías y los espíritus de nuestros antepasados nos guie siempre.   
Comunidad: ICCI-Rimanakuy , Ecuador

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  1. Hi, My name is Solange Garson, a Councillor from Split Lake Manitoba (aka Tataskweyak Cree Nation); I am also planning on sitting with this elder from Cross Lake Manitoba if AMC or MKO or any of these native organizations would not help our community to find out exactly where hundreds of millions of dollars disappeared that was supposedly to better our "reservation" which of course we know its not likely to happen; these hydro dams "WILL NOT" benefit our community and never will be; but we have First NationsLeaders just giving our land by simply signing our land away with no remorse; only their pockets; sad to say it happens and reason I'm against this whole hydro negotiations: we accumulated so much deficit we will never be able to pay the portion of being a Partner with hydro; highly unlikely this would happen and these deals are designed for USA; not for us. I want to know where all that money went and I'm told to sign Agreements to silence me. I need help and help is not there from AMC or any native organization; reason to this they are afraid to speak, if they do; they will lose their funds. I will not allow this to happen to our community and I will fight this....